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PVD, CVD Technology

Technology PVD, CVD

AMP gives these what the market needs and explore the future to find the needs for the market. One of the explored machine is the industrial furnace for producing pyrolitic graphite (PG and HOPG) and pyrolitic coats. The furnace is vacuum type with the working tempereature 3000°C and operating pressure 3x10-1 mbar. The heat chamber is a cylinder shape with unitary heat zone made with graphite. The high efficiency insulation is made with graphite too . The furnace can work also hydrogen and argon atmosphere. AMP is the owner of the technology and know-how. Features of pyrolitic graphite: chemically inert; high purity (99,99%); stable:in air to 500°C, in vacuum to 2500°C, inert atmosphere (Ar, He, N) to 3500°C; impermeable; non-dusting; resistive against thermal shock; high machineability. Application of pyrolitic graphite: electronics, medicine, chemical industry, nuclear industry, nozzles in jet engines, nanotechnology, precisely heating technology, semi-finished products (pipse, plates), coatings (10-100 μm) on ceramic, metal or graphite.

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