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Industrial cleaner

Industrial cleaner EVC type

AMP offers ecological vapour cleaners for after machining details and before their heat treatment and after the process. The ecological cleaning process is used instead of TRI and PER washing. The cleaners work in close loop system and are absolutely safely for natural environment. The vapour cleaner EVC type is a vertical loaded device. Loading and unloading the washer is processed by a transporter crane. The cleaner composes of: housing with separated working chamber, solvent tank, heating elements, emergency buffer dividing off the working space and a part with liquid, scrubber, hermetic hatch, chiller, vapour detector, liquid level sensor, drying system, filtration system, emergency tray, vacuum destilating system, force pumps, ventilating system.

Pre-treatment workload washing technologies

Following the EC Directive 1999/13/EC, whose objective was to limit emissions of volatile organic compounds, and due to being highly detrimental to ozone layer as well as due to its period of retention in the earthly atmosphere, the 1,1,1-trichloroethane (commonly known as TRI) has been totally withdrawn from use.

TRI was widely used in industrial washing procedures, while its feature of complete and traceless evaporation from the workpieces being washed earned it an opinion of a very good chemical used in washing workloads before heat treatment.

In an attempt to meet market demand AMP designed and manufactured an industrial washer in which n-Propyl Bromide, available under commercial name of EnSolv, is used as a cleaning agent. This is the most common industrial substitute for the withdrawn TRI i TRI-derivative solvents.

Pre-treatment workload washing technology - washer EVC-100/200/200

Steam washer EVC-100/200/200 is vertically loaded. Its main components include:

  • control cabinet
  • washer's casing with allocated working space
  • container for liquid washing agen
  • heating elements
  • safety barrier (separating liquid section from working section)
  • vapour condenser in working section
  • coverlid
  • ice-water generator
  • ENSOLVE vapours sensor
  • liquid level gauge
  • water separator
  • filtering system
  • anti-contamination tank
  • vacuum distillation system
  • circulating pumps
  • ventilation system.


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