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Policy of Quality

Major purpose of AMP ltd. is to ensure assignments realization for the following scopes: design, production and service of heat treatment devices on the basis of efficient management and fulfilling Customers' conditions what will give Customers maximum of satisfaction from our cooperation.


To achieve the above purpose we are obligated to realize:

* keeping and endless improveming of Management System of Quality agreed as per EN ISO 9001:2009,

* analysis of Customers requirements and keeping up with theirs growing up needs,

* emploing of qualified people,

* making sure right resources and infrastructure to achieve agrement with Customers requirements and law, etc.


We are conscious to responsibilities for realization of purposes in Politicy of Quality. Specific expression of competence, responsibility and established to organizational connections will contributed to better work. We are declaring suitable indispensable means to correct running of Management System of Quality.


In that moment, our majority purpose is keeping and developing Management System of Quality. All staff will be made responsible for realization of Politics of Quality in range to theirs work positions and will be obligated to show the initiative in improvement of products and services.


President of the Board

Bogdan Flisiewicz


AMP Sp. z o.o.
ul. Sulechowska 39 B, 65-022 ZIELONA GÓRA

Address for correspondence and delivery:
Chociule 36D, 66-200 Świebodzin, POLAND


+48 68 382 26 44, +48 68 382 26 48


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