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Horizontal vacuum furnace HVF type

Horizontal vacuum furnace HVF type

Horizontal vacuum furnace HVF type has a compact construction. This way it saves a lot of space. A cylindrical low-alloyed heating chamber is lined with graphite felt or molybdenum. It minimizes heat loosing and temperature distortion. The heat exchange furnace zone is up to 50% bigger due providing slight and high efficiency heating elements. It ensures best usable values such as the uniformity parameters of heating. The furnace housing is composed of carbon steel. Optional equipment: manual operated batch loader, two batch tables.

round heating chamber, user-friendliness, compact construction, minimal heat loss, slight, wide, light easy replaceable heating elements, guaranteed processes cleanliness, guaranteed heating chamber´s temperature uniformity, smooth 360°C batch´s forced cooling gas airflow.

Processes: hardening, degassing, annealing, permeating, soldering, sintering.

The series of horizontal vacuum furnaces is adjusted to suit the standards of aircraft, automotive and tool industries. Optionally, your furnace may be equipped with a high vacuum system, convection heating and cooling in 0.5,6,10,12,16 to 20 bar cooling gas overpressure of nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium atmospheres or mixtures thereof. An adequately selected set of pumps ensures a vacuum level from 5x10-1 mbar to 5x10-8 bar. Heat treatment temperatures range up to 3000°C.

Horizontal vacuum furnace series


Useful area WxHxL[mm]

Workload weight [kg]

HVF 30/30/60

300 x 300 x 600


HVF 45/45/60

450 x 450 x 600


HVF 60/60/90

600 x 600 x 900


HVF 90/90/125

900 x 900 x 1250


HVF 90/90/155

900 x 900 x 1550


HVF 90/90/185

900 x 900 x 1850


HVF 120/120/155

1200 x 1200 x 1550


HVF 120/120/185

1200 x 1200 x 1850


HVF 140/140/185

1400 x 1400 x 1850


HVF 140/140/280

1400 x 1400 x 2800


Graphite heating chamber

Here at AMP we have developed graphite insulation of heating chamber based on a monocylinder made of graphite felt and graphite foil. The combination of those two materials created a new insulating composite which surpasses the traditional insulating packs based on polygonal construction. AMP solution permits energy saving and guarantees temperature uniformity from +/- 2°C. The heating element is made of light bent graphite strips. Large radiation surface ensures high dynamics of heating and proper temperature distribution.

Molybdenum heating chamber

Amolybdenum heating chamber is used where high purity of treatment is required as well as in applications with high and ultra high vacuum. The insulation pack consists of a few layers of thin sheets of extended resistance to temperature and 2-3 layers of molybdenum sheets. For certain applications the sheets feature an addition of Lanthal. In order to increase their lifespan they are lined with a 1 mm thick layer of graphite foil. The heating element is made of molybdenum of increased recrystallization resistance (alloy addition of La). Lengthwise fluting is provided in order to stiffen each heating element.

Process control system.

Our process control system is based on a high class logic controller integrated with an operator's touch panel designed for industrial working conditions. The control systems features a few access levels, which enables an arbitrary configuration of treatments. Visualization of events and alarms permits a hands-free operation.

The AMP systems has a provision for remote control and maintenance of the equipment from any computer logged on to the Internet, Ethernet or a likewise network.

AMP designs and manufactures their equipment in compliance with the standards specified by the customer. These standards include: PN/EN, NEMA, NFPA, BAC5621, SAE AMS 2750D, SAE AMS 2769, ВАС 5617, GAMPS 5101, P.S. 15000, MMC282 and others. All equipment made to aviation industry standards are ready to handle treatments in accordance with the requirements of NADCAP.

Workload fixtures

Every AMP furnace may be equipped with workload fixtures on as required basis. Workload trays or hearth may be made of CFC composite, heat resistant steel or molybdenum. All fixtures are selected to suit individual requirements of the customers and their strength is optimized through the design and calculation system MES.


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