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SINTER and SINTER - HIP Technologies

Vacuum furnaces designated for sintering provide an option of running three technologies within one cycle. In the first stage the workpieces are dewaxed, then sintered in high temperature. In order to improve mechanical properties of the sinters, they can be isostatically compacted in high pressure while the high temperature of treatment is maintained.

Distinctive features of sintering furnaces:

Pressure: 0-150 bar
Vacuum:  10-2 mbar
Temperaturd: 1500 °C to 2200 °C
Useful area: customized
Workload position: horizontal or vertical.

Heating chamber:

A standard heating chamber is made of graphite felt lined with 5 mm thick graphite foil. The chamber contains a graphite cylinder which holds the main treatment. Graphite heaters are placed between the graphite foil and the cylinder Process gas is deflected in such a way as to penetrate the interior of the cylinder behind the workload.

Process gases:

The AMP system permits application of various process gases from partial pressure to furnace maximum working pressure. AMP allows such gases as: nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, methane and other hydrocarbons. Mixing and proportioning of these gases may be controlled with rotameters or mass valves.


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