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Vertical Atmosphere Furnaces series VAF and PAF

Pit-type atmosphere furnace (PAF)

This type is fully automated with sliding safely opening door. Vertical type batch loading/unloading carries on by transporter crane. The furnace housing is composed of carbon steel. The internal wall is lined with fibre insulation. There is a inlet/outlet of cooling gasses on the furnace bottom. All heat treatment processes are controlled by a logic controller according to programmed data. The control system contains a register with written down function and auto data save on a hard disc. The ceramic fiber insulation lines internal furnace wall. This insulation type shortens warming-up time, saves user´s money and natural environment. The furnace heating system is installed around the batch (360°) directly on internal chamber wall. It ensures best usable values such as the temperature uniformity in whole the heat zone. The furnace consists of an external air blower which cools the heat zone down to 100°C.

Processes: tempering, annealing, hardening, normalizing.

Our series of vertical atmosphere furnaces is available in a few types which differ in their design and application, i.e.:

  • Retort furnaces with protective or carburizing atmosphere or without atmosphere
  • Furnaces without a retort, with or without protective atmosphere
  • Vertical atmosphere furnaces with forced convection heating.

Working temperature depends on the requirements of a particular heat treatment i.e.:

  • quenching, carburizing: 750 °C to 1300 °C
  • tempering, nitriding: 150°C to 750°C
  • retort furnaces may feature vacuum purging.

Vertical atmosphere furnaces series:


Useful area Ø x H [mm]

Workload weight [kg]

VAF 30/60

300 x 600


VAF 60/90

600 x 900


VAF 90/125

900 x 1250


VAF 90/150

900 x 1500


VAF 125/125

1250 x1250


VAF 125/150

1250 x1500


VAF 125/185

1250 x1850


VAF 150/150

1500 x1500


VAF 150/185

1500 x1850


VAF 220/220

2200 x 2200


AMP may deliver a furnace for customer-specified workload dimensions


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