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Atmosphere Furnaces

Our series of horizontal and vertical atmosphere furnaces is available in a few types which differ in theirdesign and application, eg: horizontal atmosphere furnaces with forced convection heating and vertical atmosphere furnaces with forced convection heating.

Industrial washers

In an attempt to meet market demand AMP designed and manufactured an industrial washer in wich n-Propyl Bromide, available under commercial name of EnSolv, is used as a cleaning agent.

Pyrolisis, PVD and CVD technologies

AMP look way ahead into the future by implementing new technologies and equipment. One of such items of equipment is an industrial lurnace for manufacturing of pyrolithic graphite (PG and HOPG) and PG coats.

SINTER and SINTER - HIP Technologies

Vacuum furnaces designated for sintering provide an option of running three technologies within one cycle. In the first stage the workpieces are dewaxed, then sintered in high temperature.


AMP offers extensive overhauls and modernization of metal heat treatment equipment. We offer several graphite insulation packages depending on process condition and user´s technology.

Spare Parts

AMP offers a wide range of spare parts for heat treatment and thermochemical treatment equipment. The spare parts offered are manufactured of top quality materials and are charakterised by long life span.


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